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S Scale "What If" Kits
Updated 7/20/2015:  number in "red" next to item description represents results from an ongoing poll.  80 "retail sale" kits is the minimum before it will be considered for production, unless otherwise noted.  The PFE mechanical reefer is back "on" as a potential kit following Lionel's cancellation of their project.

If you see an image that's of interest, please contact me at
to place a no-money-required reservation.

Estimated kit price range is $80-100 and includes everything needed to complete the kit except paint, glue and trucks.
Fruit Growers Express 57' mechanical reefer built starting 1953 (above car built 1955).  70-ton capacity, roller bearing trucks, 2 door widths, used in East (SR, CRR, SAL/SCL, FGEX, many others) and West Coast (GN, others).  Operated into early 1990s.  47
GATX 6000 Gallon 3-dome tank first built in 1929 and lasting well into the 70s in MANY paint schemes.  Other decals (besides GATX) offered depending on interest.  CAD files used to create this highly-successful HO model for Tangent Scale Models are the basis for the S version.  1-pc urethane body, urethane underframe, etchings, GATX decals.  43

PS-1 40' & 50' boxes built starting 1947, owned by MANY roads, multiple door styles/widths, operated into the late 1980s (with rebuilding). 
100+ (40-footer); 57 (50-footer)
Pacific Car & Foundry, built 1957, used by MANY roads into the late1980s.  Never produced in S scale plastic.  89

AC&F 70-ton covered hopper
, built 1940, used by MANY roads into the late 1980s.  Never produced in S scale plastic. 
Bethlehem "New Century" Hi-Target stand

Bethlehem switchstands, including the "New Century" design (with rotating cover to access inner mechanism for lubrication and shims adjustment) were "common as dirt". 

Model 53A ground throw kit was released in our S scale "track items" line on 7/20/2015.  The high-target version would use the same base with an add-on tapered base urethane casting.

Targets can be made to operate using Nickel Silver etched linkage provided in kit.
Est. price = $7.00 each.
TTX bulkhead flat 59
MILW full-rib boxcar  78
MILW short-rib boxcar  50
Southern Ry Transfer Caboose
Five prototypes were built in the mid-50s with wood bodies on 1928-era, 41 foot long flat car frames.  27 with steel "huts" followed by 1959.  As-built, they wore caboose red with small, yellow lettering.  In the 1960s, caboose red changed to boxcar red and small lettering to block font.  The photo below represents 1968 to mid-80s when all were retired.  At least 3 are preserved in museums.  Assigned to yards where multiple locals and transfer jobs were common (Knoxville, New Orleans, Columbia, Lynchburg, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Atlanta, etc.).  Urethane 1-piece underframe, 1-piece body, separate details, decals spanning all years. 
23 (50 needed)
General Service 41' Gondola - steel sided
Very popular with SP and D&RGW modelers, but IC, MILW, GN, WP and NP modelers also benefit from this car.  The composite-sided gon was commonly referred to as "the beet gons" used by SP well into the 1980s. 

The composite-sided SP car (without side extensions)
33 and the Canadian National version 17 will be considered if there is sufficient interest.