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S-Scale Kits Available Now
Barber 70- and 100-ton Roller Bearing truck kits

These are made-to-order in batches.
6/25/2016:  Taking reservations for another run; these are NOT stocked items
Due to ever-increasing manufacturing costs, the 3-pack "discounted" option is no longer available

Fully sprung and equalized kits WITH ROTATING END CAPS are comprised of highly-detailed 3D printed sideframes and urethane castings, bright Nickel-plated brass rims with injection molded centers, pre-assembled and gauged wheelsets, (2) styles of end caps, Kadee springs and #2 screws.

>> 70-ton trucks include 33" wheelsets <<     >> 100-ton trucks include 36" wheelsets <<

Kit No. 64-TK-1a (70-ton, 1 pair) ... $20    Kit No. 64-TK-2a (100-ton, 1 pair) ... $20
B&O M53 "Wagontop" Boxcar

Sold out in 2009.  Rerun late 2014 and early 2015 to fulfill reservations.  Now in production for a limited time.
Kit (64-B3) ... includes couplers + decals ... $80 + shipping

Decals (64-DEC-012) available separately
(Refer to "Decals" web page)
SAL B7 "Turtleback Roof" Boxcar

Sold out late 2014; VERY limited inventory (6/2016).
Kit (64-B4) ... includes couplers + decals ... $80 + shipping

Decals (64-DEC-010a) available separately
Decals (64-DEC-010b) available separately
(Refer to "Decals" web page)
** Burlington Route **
53' 6" FM14/FM14A Flat Car

CB&Q's Galesburg and Havelock shops built this flat car in (8) batches between 1940 and 1957.  Many remained in service well into the 1970s wearing the Roman-font lettering.  The kit includes a 1-pc cast urethane frame, square steel bar for centersill weight, Grandt Line details, Tichy wire, K&S brass strip, Kadee 802 couplers, laser-cut wood deck and decals to letter a new car from 1940 to 1957 (change the reweigh/repack data to represent 1960s and later).

Kit No. 64-F2 ... $65 + shipping

Extra decals available ... 64-DEC-013 ... $6.00
** Seaboard Air Line  50' 0" F-6 Flat Car & FM/FB Bulkhead Flat Car **
SAL ordered 50-ton, 50' 0" flat cars in three batches between 1940 and 1945.  Beginning in 1953, their Portsmouth, Virginia shops added bulkheads of various designs to accomodate special customer needs.  Each kit includes 1-pc urethane underframe and details, steel weight (hidden in centersill during assembly), laser-cut deck & bulkheads (where applicable), wire, decals and Kadee 802 couplers.  Trucks are not included.
Kit No. 64-F3 (Flat) ... $65 + shipping

Kit No. 64-F4 (Angled Bulkheads) ...
$70 + shipping