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S-Scale Stanton Trucks
** First time in S scale **
Updated 8/26/16:  All AAR Type A sideframe kits have shipped.  Type B sideframe design is approx. 80% complete.  Blomberg sideframe will follow Type B..

Click on links below to view pic of each style:

AAR Type A sideframe (model - side view)
AAR Type A sideframe (model - bottom view)
(8' 0" wheelbase)

AAR Type B sideframe (EMD, Baldwin, FM, Alco)
(9' 0" wheelbase)

Blomberg sideframe (EMD)
(9' 0" wheelbase)

Blunt sideframe (Alco)
(8' 0" wheelbase)

Trucks include cast urethane sideframes, Code 110/40" diameter wheelsets (P64 available as special-order), powered and dummy.

Powered trucks come RTR in DC and pre-wired for DCC

Single-truck prices are
$45 (unpowered) and $90 (powered)

Sideframes sold ONLY with Stanton trucks.