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S-Scale Stanton Trucks
** First time in S scale **

Updated 5/6/2017

Stanton trucks are no longer sold by SMMW

Sideframe kits will remain available @ $30 per pair.  They are designed to fit Stanton trucks; your attachment method may require modification to my design.

Both AAR styles are in-stock.  Blunt and Blomberg remain to be designed.

Kit No. 64-TK-10-SF ... AAR Type A (8'0" wheelbase)

Kit No. 64-TK-11-SF ... Blomberg (9'0" wheelbase)

Kit No. 64-TK-12-SF ... Blunt (8'0" wheelbase)

Kit No. 64-TK-13-SF   ... AAR Type B (9'2" wheelbase)