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Ordering and Payment Information
How To Order
Contact me via phone, "snail mail" or email (info is at bottom of each web page) with your questions, ordered items, etc.  All subsequent communication will be by email (preferred) or phone.  If ordering for the first time, your name and email will be added to my private list to keep you updated on the current order and future product releases, etc.

An invoice for your order, including USPS Priority Mail with insurance, will be emailed to you.  Please verify the itemized list and your mailing address are correct.

Every effort will be made to ship your order in a timely manner, however, if
your order includes kits containing NWSL/Stanton Drive trucks or specialty
parts, such as decals (which have a "shelf-life" and are ordered in small
batches to keep "fresh"), your order may be delayed until the items are restocked.  You will be notified (via email) promptly as to your order's status and updated frequently.

No order will be shipped prior to receiving payment-in-full using the "Currently-Accepted Payment Options" listed below.

Shipping Charges

All kits are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail with applicable insurance, including International, Hawaii and Alaska.  UPS and FedEx services are not offered.

decals not included with a kit destined for a "Lower 48" address are shipped via USPS 1st Class Mail unless the order is large enough to justify Priority Mail, which will be noted on your invoice.  Decals being shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or internationally must use Priority Mail with insurance.

Currently-Accepted Payment Options
PayPal "Gift/Family", withdrawing from your PayPal balance, personal check from a US bank account and money order (US bank or Postal) are the only accepted payment options without an added processing fee.  The non-gift/family PayPal option is accepted IF you pay PP's 5% processing fee.

PayPal Instructions

Step 1:  Go to;
Step 2:  Type "" (without quotes) in the destination box;
Step 3:  Select "Gift" option or other option that pays the processing fee on your end;
Step 4:  Enter total amount shown on your invoice (including shipping);
Step 5:  Enter a brief note referencing the invoice or send a separate email, if you prefer. 
                   Just let me know that a PP payment is forthcoming and what it applies to;
Step 6:  Send funds.

No-Longer-Accepted Payment Options
Credit cards are no longer accepted due to high maintenance and processing fees charged by banks.  Since over 95% of my customers pay by check, money order or PayPal "Gift", it's not fair to penalize the remaining 5% by increasing the kit's retail price to compensate for a credit card processing fee.

International checks are no longer accepted due to the excessive bank processing fees.