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Each item is designed in Solidworks 3D CAD.  Urethane casting patterns are made using Rapid Prototyping technology.
HO Scale

Detailed draft gear replaces Accurail's hard-to-find #1020 and #1031 parts with one VERY important improvement:  SELF-CENTERING.  (This feature is OPTIONAL ... you can still position couplers where you want by placing the spring inside the coupler's shank.)

No additional drilling required to retrofit these parts to cars already equipped with Accurail's draft gear parts.

Kit includes (4) pairs of color-tinted urethane castings (4 car's worth) and (16) 0-48 x 1/4" self-tapping screws. 
Sergent's ENC87K (narrow shank) coupler and friction spring NOT included.

SUPER-SIMPLE assembly using CA ... just (2) parts for coupler box, (2) "riveted" cover plates, (2) screws plus Sergent's coupler and friction spring.

Click on CAD screen shots below to view enlarged images.

87-DP-400-BN (brown-tinted parts) ... $15.00
87-DP-400-BK (black-tinted parts) ... $15.00
87-DP-400-GY (grey-tinted parts) ... $15.00
HO and S Scale Draft Gear & Couplers
S Scale

64-DP-400-K ... Detailed draft gear is direct replacement for Kadee's box/lid combo (similar design to 64-DP-401-S).  Includes SELF-CENTERING feature.  (This feature is OPTIONAL if you choose to omit the spring pad.)

Kit includes Kadee 802 couplers, spring capsule, (4) #0-48 x 3/8" screws, cast urethane boxes, lid, bottom riveted plates (1 pair)

Parts cast in grey-tinted, high-strength urethane.

$ 9.00

64-DP-401-K ... Same as 64-DP-400 without 802 couplers & springs; includes (16) #0-48 x 3/8" screws ... this is for modelers using couplers and springs from their parts boxes (4 pairs)

$ 20.00

64-DP-401-S ... Detailed draft gear compatible with Sergent Engineering's EC64K
**ONLY** ... package contains cast urethane of parts you see in image below, including SELF-CENTERING spring pad ... couplers **NOT** included ... (4 pairs).  (This feature is OPTIONAL if you choose to omit the spring pad.)

Parts cast in grey-tinted, high-strength urethane.

Sergent coupler NOT included.

$ 20.00
"Quick 'n Easy" assembly provides optional SELF-CENTERING operation of Sergent's exceptional couplers in both scales.

Visit Sergent Engineering's web site to purchase HO and S scale couplers