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S Scale Rolling Stock Kits
B&O M53 "Wagontop" Boxcar

Kit (64-B3) ... includes couplers + decals ... $90 + shipping

Decals (64-DEC-012) also available separately
(Refer to "Decals" web page)

"Built the M53 B&O boxcar and it went together very well, no problems and, like the AAR 70T flat car I purchased previously this kit builds into a foreground model.  I like the disc provided for the assembly instructions as it saves needed space on my work table.  The Sergent coupler compatible draft gear was also supplied, as requested."  B.A., New Hampshire
SAL B7 "Turtleback Roof" Boxcar

<< OUT OF STOCK 7/31/2018 >>
Reservations for rerun being taken

Kit (64-B4) ... includes couplers + decals ... $90 + shipping

Decals (64-DEC-010a) also available separately
Decals (64-DEC-010b) also available separately
(Refer to "Decals" web page)
CB&Q 53' 6" FM14/FM14A Flat Car
CB&Q's Galesburg and Havelock shops built this flat car in (8) batches between 1940 and 1957.  Many remained in service well into the 1970s wearing the Roman-font lettering.  The kit includes a 1-pc cast urethane frame, square steel bar for centersill weight, Grandt Line details, Tichy wire, K&S brass strip, Kadee 802 couplers, laser-cut wood deck and decals to letter a new car from 1940 to 1957 (change the reweigh/repack data to represent 1960s and later).

Kit No. 64-F2 ... $70 + shipping (in stock 2/9/2018)
Extra decals available ... 64-DEC-013 ... $6.00
SAL  50' 0" F-6 Flat Car & FM/FB Bulkhead Flat Car
Seaboard Air Line ordered 50-ton, 50' 0" flat cars in three batches between 1940 and 1945.  Beginning in 1953, their Portsmouth, Virginia shops added bulkheads of various designs to accomodate special customer needs.  Each kit includes 1-pc urethane underframe and details, steel weight (hidden in centersill during assembly), laser-cut deck & bulkheads (where applicable), wire, decals and Kadee 802 couplers.  Trucks are not included.

Kit No. 64-F3 (Flat) ... $70 + shipping (in stock 2/9/2018)
Kit No. 64-F4 (Angled Bulkheads) ... $79 + shipping (in stock 2/9/2018)
AAR 53' 6", 70-Ton Flat Car
(11) roads bought the AAR "War Emergency" 70-ton, 53' 6" flat car between 1942 and 1948, including ATSF, B&O, CNJ, Pere Marquette (repainted C&O in late 1950s), IHB, NYC and Wabash.  (Erie's cars had fewer Z-angle nailers and a different nailing pattern on the deck but were otherwise the same ... you'll need to make those changes to your kit ... Southern's 500 cars had 19 stake pockets).  Many were modified over the years to haul containers, pulpwood, automobile frames, etc.  Some roads added bulkheads.  Many lasted in revenue service as-built well into the1970s ... others survived in MofW service into the 1990s.

Each kit includes 1-pc urethane underframe, steel weight (hidden in centersill during assembly), cast urethane deck with nail holes, separate AAR-style stake pockets, Kadee 802 couplers, wire and detail parts.  A mini-CD contains 16 pages of instructions with roster info from Ed Hawkins and weathering ideas for the deck.
AAR Flat Car Testimonies ...

"I assembled the AAR flat car kit - WOW!!  Your instructions were precise, concise - CLEAR.  It went together very well ... "  B. A., New Hampshire

"Castings look excellent.  Great detail."  S.K., Georgia 

"I wanted to tell you how nice it went together ... the instructions were clear and the pictures extremely helped, very little flash, easy filing of crossmembers and a beautiful casting."  D.S., Arizona
Kit No. 64-F6 ... $75 + shipping (no trucks/decals)       

Tichy Train Groups sells S decals for generic flat cars.
Refer to web page called "S/Sn2 TRUCKS" to view freight car truck kits