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S-Scale Decals
Decal are printed using a high-quality, ink-jet printer on blue paper.  Solvaset and MicroSol "blue" and "red" will work just fine.  These are **NOT** ALPS ... whites are opaque!  Each set contains a black-line print of the actual decal so you can easily locate even the smallest characters.

Current-available decals are listed below.  Discontinued decals have been removed from list.

64-DEC-010a ... SAL "Silver Meteor" B-7 boxcar (1941 to early-70s) ... REVISED 5/25/2018 ... $14

64-DEC-011 ... Tennessee Central 70-ton PS-2 covered hopper (1957 to early-70s) ... $9

64-DEC-015 ... B&O M-15k / M-15p / M-53 / M-53A combined set (1939 to 1970s retirement) ... $14

64-DEC-016 ... Milwaukee Road "Route of The Hiawathas" and "Route of the Electrified Olympian" for 40-ft
                         boxcars (letters (1) of either slogan; 1939 to 1970s) ... $14