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TT Scale Trucks
Each truck is a single, 3D Grey, resin-printed unit consisting of sideframes, bolster, brake beams with shoes, spring packs, and applicable journal box lids or Timken roller bearing caps.  Printing resolution is .002" (50 microns) to maximize detail. 

Wheelsets are machined from brass to NMRA RP-25 Code 72 specifications with 0.720" axle length, chemically tinted bronze/brown, and insulated on one side.
Shipped with wheelsets inserted.  No assembly required - just pop out the wheelsets, paint, weather, replace wheelsets, and attach to car's bolster using provided screws.
Barber S-2 50-ton w/ Spring Plank
(5' 6" wheelbase)

(Prototype was manufactured by Standard Car Truck Company)

Kit No. 120-TK-2 ... $20 (2 trucks)
American Steel Foundry S-2 50-ton "Ride Control"
(5' 6" wheelbase)

Kit No. 120-TK-1 ... $20 (2 trucks)
Barber S-2-A 70-ton Roller Bearing
(5' 8" wheelbase)

Kit No. 120-TK-3 ... $20 (2 trucks)