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Design - 3D Printing - Urethane Castings
Turning your ideas into real parts is easier than ever using simple-to-learn CAD software.

3D CAD files (left) were turned into
FUNCTIONAL parts (right) using a variety of prototyping techniques.

If you're on a budget and unsure about how your design "works", 3D-Printed parts may be a viable option.

These can also be used as RTV Silicone mold masters from which high-strength,
FUNCTIONAL, pigmented Polyurethane parts are cast.  Pick a durometer from "rubber band to bone" to makes like those shown below.
Making copies from a part that's long-ago out of production, such as the bicycle pedals (below-left) and vintage "Muscle Car" parts (below-right), is a great way to minimize cost for short-run, reproduction projects.

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