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Design - 3D Printing - Urethane Castings
Advancements in Rapid Prototyping, specifically 3D printing systems and resins, provide an economical means for inventors and modelers to see their designs become reality.

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc. recently installed a Formlabs "Form3" SLA resin printing system (see image above).  In addition to 3D Solidworks CAD and cast urethane services, we can now print parts from
YOUR .stl or .obj file or create files based on your information.  New resins have properties that surpass many injection molded materials ... in Shore A and D scales.

An example of turning a prototype into a
FUNCTIONAL model is shown below:  a New York City R32 subway car truck that, until recently, only existed in 1:1 scale.  It now exists in 1:160 scale and can be "upsized" to other scales with minor modifications to the "N" scale CAD files.  A limited run of this truck (minus wheelsets) was printed in "CLEAR" resin at .002" layer thickness for maximum detail capture without excessive machine time.
Not all parts require 3D CAD and 3D printing.  The stack of production pipe bushings were created from a single, machined, Delrin (R) pattern (including threads) and cast in tinted urethane.  Making copies from a part that's long-ago out of production, such as the bicycle pedals and vintage "Muscle Car" parts, is a great way to minimize cost for short-run, reproduction projects.

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